Tiredness and the feeling of lethargy after a hectic work schedule are quite normal. But if the situation is constant then it could be an effect of the low level of testosterone. Fatigue is a common effect of the low level of testosterone and you might feel like that your body has been snapped out of the energy that it requires doing even the mundane work.

But there are plenty of other things that can sap your energy too, including age factor, mental anxiety, depression, and stress. If you too could feel the energy going out of your body, then here are 5 side-effects of low testosterone levels:

Reduced Sex Drive

If you can feel that the spark in your bedroom is blowing out then it could be due to low testosterone level and also due to erectile dysfunction.  Although low t-levels could hardly be the reason behind weaker or fewer erections, it could be one of the reasons behind it.

There could also be other medical problems too like heart disease or diabetes. If you have low testosterone levels, you can consult with a doctor to get better treatment. Medicines like Cenforce 100 can help you to treat erectile dysfunction.


Low testosterone level will not only affect your sexual drive but also can hurt your mental focus and memory. You may begin to forget things and might have trouble concentrating. If you can feel that your ability to make decisions is getting affected, then your testosterone levels are extremely low.


A low level of testosterone may also make you feel sad and depressed. It can get you down or may also force you to the point of depression. Some men can experience a change in their personality. Hence, if you feel depressed get your t-levels tested. Once your t-levels are back to normal, men often say they feel like themselves again.

Muscle Changes

Testosterone helps build muscle, when it gets low it also reduces your muscle mass and strength. Regular workout sessions can help to boost your T-levels. Be sure to work large groups of muscles when you work out and some weight-lifting too.

Fix an appointment with your doctor and get your t-levels today!