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Erectile Dysfunction: 4 Interesting Facts about Low Sex Drive & Testosterone!

4 Interesting Facts about Low Sex Drive & Testosterone

Erectile Dysfunction: 4 Interesting Facts about Low Sex Drive & Testosterone!

Low libido can hamper your sexual life. Many men associate it with a low level of testosterone, but is that the complete truth? Most of the men are not aware enough of their erection problems, low sex drive, and their staggering testosterone levels.

We have received so many queries from men regarding their health and most of the questions were associated with their sexual health, testosterone levels, and erectile dysfunction. Here are some of the questions, answered in this blog:

  1. Low Sex Drive= Low Testosterone Level= False

So many men have asked this question, as they believed that their reduced libido and erection problem is a clear signal for low T-levels. Although these two factors are interlinked, it is not necessary that the first thing happens because of the latter one.

It is absolutely normal to have a not-so-high libido and fewer spontaneous erections as we grow old. The real problem comes up when you are unable to get an erection persistently and your disinterest in having sexual relations with your partner is frequent. It could either point towards low libido or erectile dysfunction.

It is better to discuss with your doctor and tell him all the symptoms so that he can decide whether you need ED drugs like Vidalista 20 or something to boost your T-levels.

  1. Is the lower level of testosterone a normal part of aging? #False

The declining level of testosterone is a normal part of the aging process- this is something that most people believe in. But the truth is far from it. Low testosterone levels are considerably lower than what is normal for your age. It is not a normal part of aging, but yes, it can affect your overall health and quality of life.

  1. What are the signs of low testosterone?

If you pay a little more attention, you will notice many symptoms that can give you a clear sign of low testosterone. Symptoms like painful chest area, losing body hair, or breast enlargement show that your T-level is dipping. Hot flashes are most often seen in men who have a very low level of testosterone. If you are noticing erection problems, you may ask your doctor and take Vidalista for a long-lasting erection.

  1. Can low testosterone level cause frail bones? #Correct

Testosterone is not only responsible for sexual drive, but also for helps to build bones and to keep muscles strong. It also helps to produce red blood cells, boosts mood and helps in better thinking. A decreasing level of testosterone can result in weaker bones and osteoporosis. Low testosterone may cause depression, anemia, and trouble focusing.

We have tried to wrap up the queries in this short article. There are many other questions that we will be posting in our next article. Stay tuned for more information!

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